Our RICS registered values provide an estimate of a property’s true value in the current market. They perform an in-depth inspection of the entire property while following strict guidelines of RICS Red Book to calculate an accurate figure. Valuation report gives brief information about property condition. Price estimation covers the following factors:

  • Size
  • Flaws and issues
  • Location
  • Proximity to public transport
  • Construction Age
  • Construction Quality
  • Parking and Outdoor space
  • Proximity to Medical/Shopping areas
  • Probate & Matrimonial valuations
  • Capital Gains Valuations
  • Help to Buy Valuation
  • Shared Ownership Valuations
  • Expert Witness Valuations
  • Lease Extension
  • Building Reinstatement Cost Calculation

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    Building Reinstatement Cost Valuations

    The reinstatement cost assessment(RCA) calculates the cost of putting you back in the same position as you were, before an insured event (fire, subsidence, flood etc.) occurs. The RCA also includes the cost of any demolition and fees that might be needed before re-building can begin.


    It is made on the assumption that the property is completely destroyed, or damaged to such a substantial degree that it will require demolishing and rebuilding in its entirety. The same assumption extends not only to the building in question, but also to the grounds of the building, including boundary features and services within the grounds, such as drainage.


    The assessment report considers and applies re-building costs and formulae to the information collated on site. A building reinstatement cost assessment involves a site inspection, measured survey to establish a building’s net/gross areas and an assessment of construction, specialist features’ (such as architectural features, monuments, underground parking, water features, specialist plant or lifting equipment).


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      Expert Witness Valuations

      Expert Witnesses are often engaged to resolve disputes between parties on land and property related matters. We provides Expert Witness Valuation reports and advisory services to clients who require this type of service to be used as evidence in court.


      Arranging a valuation and report for expert witness purposes requires thoroughly researched analysis of the property in question, as well as extensive experience by the valuer in this field to ensure the report and their opinion will satisfy both clients and courts.


      We always make sure that below needs get fulfilled:

      •  All valuation reports are highly detailed and in a specialised format designed to be used as evidence in court.
      • Affadavits are signed as required.
      • You’re supported throughout the litigation or court process and can directly with the property valuer handling your case.


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        Commercial Valuations

        Any person or business that owns, develops or occupies a property relies on a valuer’s expertise in order to make informed decisions. These require extensive knowledge and skills to ensure that all features and issues relating to a particular property are covered and acknowledged in the final figure.


        We provides valuation services to lenders, solicitors, accountants, recovery specialists, tax and other professionals, public and private businesses and private buyers and sellers.


        In Commercial Valuation Services we covers:


        •  Insurance valuations
        •  Litigation and compensation
        •  Loan security
        •  Management buy-outs
        •  Sales and acquisitions
        •  Take-overs and mergers
        •  Unit pricing


        Our RICS Registered valuers are well placed to reflect early market movements to report up-to-date and accurate values.


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          Capital Gains Valuations

          You need to pay capital gains tax when you sell or ‘dispose of’ an asset that’s increased in value. Your tax obligations are calculated on your gains rather than the selling price.


          Regarding capital gains tax, disposing of an asset can mean:


          • Selling it
          • Trading it for another asset
          • Gifting if to somebody else
          • Gaining compensation, such as an insurance payout


          Our Surveyors determine the value of a site or building at the date of reporting for a variety of taxation purposes including Capital gains tax.


          We will provide a detailed, evidence based report, based on the statutory definition of Market Value that provides our opinion of the value for the property in question. Valuations for tax purposes often need to be reported for a specific, often historical date and our team is able to meet this need.


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            Probate & Matrimonial Valuations



            The purpose of a Probate Valuation is to ascertain the total value of the assets held in the estate of the deceased. It will show whether or not inheritance tax (IHT) will be payable on the estate and if so, how much will be charged.




            In these days many matrimonial valuations are now carried out by a Chartered Surveyor jointly appointed by both parties in the divorce with an independent valuation report provided for, and to, the Court. A valuation can also be carried out for the benefit of single parties for negotiation purposes.


            You’ll need a valuation from an RICS registered valuer for a judge to decide how to distribute your assets in accordance with the law.


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              Shared Ownership Valuations

              Shared Ownership is a housing scheme which allows you to buy a share in a home worth between 25% and 75% of the property’s market value, and pay a discounted rent on the remaining share owned by the landlord or housing association.


              When you buy an additional percentage, a formal valuation is required. The valuation, undertaken by a RICS registered valuer, will exclude the impact of any home improvements made at the share owner’s expense.


              The surveyor will inspect the property and look at how it’s built, where it is and the size and number of rooms. The general condition of the property will also be taken into account, but will not be inspected in detail. The valuation will be based on the surveyor’s observations, local knowledge and comparisons with recent sales of like-for-like properties in the local area. The valuation is normally valid for 3 months.


              This reports include all the below information:


              • The open market valuation figure
              • At least three comparable properties which have sold recently
              • The surveyor’s name and RICS number


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                Help to Buy Valuation

                Whether you are staircasing or selling your property you will need an independent valuation. A help-to-buy valuation is an independent valuation from a RICS registered valuer for a property bought with the help-to-buy scheme, introduced by the government to support first time home buyers get a foot onto the property ladder.


                The Help to Buy Valuation will determine the amount repayable in direct proportion to the current market value of your property, and must be conducted by a Chartered Surveyors regulated by the RICS.


                There are a number of standard requirements of an RICS valuer to be entitled to provide a help-to-buy valuation as well as some set criteria for the report itself. These are:


                •  The Valuer must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS
                •  The Valuer must be independent to an estate agent
                •  The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor and addressed to Target HCA


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